A young and celebrated architect from China earned an EB-1A green card approval with the help of Miller Mayer immigration attorney Hilary Fraser.  Although the architect had no evidence of achievements outside of China, we painstakingly curated evidence of his extraordinary ability, which included colorful images of his industrial campuses, tech parks, air traffic control towers, and his artful, award-winning World Expo building.  We then emphasized the scope of his work and his focus on green engineering solutions and human-friendly work places.  By carefully framing his competition work and scholarship against the competitive context of China’s sprawling urban landscape, we established satisfaction of nearly all the EB-1A criteria.  The petition was filed regular processing in January 2018, upgraded to premium processing in March. We received a 9-page request for evidence (RFE) one week later.  Our RFE reply addressed each of the template RFE’s restatement of the regulatory criteria for extraordinary ability.  We and the client were thrilled to receive an approval two weeks after our submission of the RFE reply.