Part II: Source of Funds Issues

What: Free Webinar Series

When: May 30, 2pm ET

Most Indian nationals working in the U.S. are highly skilled professionals. Yet in most instances, they deal with great difficulties at all stages of the U.S. immigration process. It starts with the uncertainty of the H-1B lottery and ends with a backlog of more than a decade for a green card. Moreover, the Trump administration is threatening to end work permits for spouses of H-1B workers.

An alternative to these challenges is the lesser-known EB-5 investor visa. The EB-5 green card category currently has no backlog for Indian nationals and is a viable option for some Indian professionals working in the U.S. who may be otherwise stuck in a decades-long backlog.

In the second webinar in this three-part series hosted by Miller Mayer and CanAm Enterprises, the speakers will summarize the current immigration backdrop for Indian nationals in the US and the basics of the EB-5 program. They will then go into more detail on source of funds issues, the essential next step in the program, both from the immigration attorney perspective and the regional center point of view.

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