Part I: Due Diligence in Choosing a Regional Center and EB-5 Project

What: Free webinar

When: April 19th, 2018 1:30-2:30 PM ET

Miller Mayer is proud to present a special webinar series featuring CanAm Enterprises, LLC.  CanAm has over 30 years’ experience sponsoring immigration-linked investment funds and is one of the most respected EB-5 regional center groups in the United States. Miller Mayer has enjoyed a decade of successful collaboration with CanAm, and we are excited to bring together our respective areas of knowledge and capabilities in this webinar series.

The webinar series topic is “H-1B to EB-5: A Faster Road to Green Cards for Indian Nationals.”  Most Indian nationals working in the U.S. are highly skilled professionals. Yet in most instances, they deal with great difficulties at all stages of the U.S. immigration process.  It starts with the uncertainty of the H-1B lottery and ends with a backlog of more than a decade for a green card. Moreover, the Trump administration is threatening to end work permits for spouses of H-1B workers.

An alternative to these challenges is the lesser-known EB-5 investor visa. The EB-5 green card category currently has no backlog for Indian nationals and is a viable option for some Indian professionals working in the U.S. otherwise stuck in a decades-long backlog.

In this webinar series, Miller Mayer immigration attorneys Steve Yale-Loehr, Carolyn Lee, Kristal Ozmun and David Wilks will discuss the general immigration backdrop for Indian professionals in the U.S. and introduce the EB-5 regional center route to permanent residency.

In this first webinar of the series, Jeff DeCicco, the Chief Executive Officer of CanAm’s affiliated broker dealer, CanAm Investor Services, LLC, and Walter S. Gindin, CanAm’s In-house Immigration Counsel, will then discuss several important EB-5 due diligence considerations, including the role and importance of a registered broker dealer in EB-5 transactions and some key inquiries that prospective investors should make when evaluating potential regional centers and their sponsored EB-5 investments.

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