What: Free Webinar

When: July 12, 2 pm ET

Foreign students and nationals studying or working in the US on Non-immigrant visas like the F1 or the H-1B in the United States are aware of the immense difficulties associated with remaining in the United States following graduation. These highly motivated individuals are often foreclosed from staying here for myriad reasons; from losing the H-1B lottery to failing to secure employment from a company willing to provide immigration sponsorship.  However, the fifth employment-based category (EB-5) offers a more sure-fire alternative to the other immigration options currently available to individuals in the United States.

To provide you with a detailed introduction to EB-5, Miller Mayer, LLP is partnering with Ishaan Khanna, an LMU grad who recently got his green card, for a free webinar on the topic. Miller Mayer Partners Carolyn Lee and Kristal Ozmun will describe EB-5 requirements and process as well as answer questions.  If you have the resources to invest $500,000 and a desire to work freely in the United States without restriction, EB-5 may be the right program for you.

We look forward to introducing you to EB-5.

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