Airport Lawyer is a free Web app that allows community members to securely share information about nationals from countries affected by the entry ban who are arriving at airports. The arrivals information can then be securely passed along to large groups of volunteer attorneys who have been organized to monitor arrivals. See

Immigrant doctors provide better care, according to a study of 1.2 million hospitalizations. The study found that when Medicare patients were admitted to U.S. hospitals with general medical conditions, their probability of dying within 30 days of admission was 5% lower if they were treated by international medical graduates than if they were treated by U.S. medical graduates. The study adjusted for or eliminated the effects of hospital quality and population characteristics on patient mortality. See and

Listings and links to cases challenging executive orders, and related available pleadings, are available from the Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse of the University of Michigan Law School. A subset of those cases, “Civil Rights Challenges to Trump Refugee/Visa Order,” is at