Miller Mayer immigration attorney Steve Yale-Loehr was quoted recently in the following publications:

On the Diversity Visa lottery program:

President Trump recently suggested that the diversity visa (DV) lottery involves other countries “tak[ing] their worst and [putting] them in the bin.” Mr. Yale-Loehr noted, “The diversity lottery is a true lottery. There is no way a foreign government can game the lottery to offload the worst of their citizenry. … The bottom line: President Trump’s statements about how the diversity visa program works are false.” Mr. Yale-Loehr also noted the “complicated and lengthy process” a DV applicant must go through to be admitted. “Among other things, the consular officer must make sure the individual is not ‘inadmissible.’ This means that the person has not committed a crime, doesn’t have a serious health problem, isn’t a terrorist, hasn’t committed fraud, and hasn’t overstayed in the U.S. before.”

On Travel Ban 3.0:

Mr. Yale-Loehr said, “Given [Monday’s] ruling, both the Fourth and the Ninth Circuit are going to try to be extra careful in justifying however they come out. I think [the] Supreme Court orders signal that the administration may well win at the Supreme Court and that may influence, to a certain extent, how the Fourth and the Ninth Circuit rule.” He noted that the argument that the government has a justified reason for the ban is stronger than before. “For that reason, although an objective person may question how thorough the review is or whether it really matches up with what’s going on, given the very low standard of review, the Supreme Court may well say, it isn’t perfect but it’s good enough.”

On immigrant entrepreneurs:

Steve was also interviewed by WRFI about his new immigration apps clinic at Cornell Law School. The audio is on the WRFI website.