Miller Mayer immigration attorney Steve Yale-Loehr was quoted recently in an article on about an ACLU lawsuit challenging detention of a US citizen family at the border for more than 10 hours because the father was on a terrorist watch list. Mr. Yale-Loehr said, “It is very difficult to win a case challenging searches at the border. Border Patrol officials have broad authority at ports of entry.  Courts have often ruled against citizens alleging that their constitutional rights have been violated at the border. Only the most egregious cases are likely to win.” The article is at

Miller Mayer immigration attorney Steve Yale-Loehr was quoted on on July 14 in an article about a troubled hospital turning to EB-5 investment to improve business. Steve commented on the fact that most investors avoid troubled businesses because one has to prove the business has lost 20 percent of its value in the last two years for the investment plan. He added that, from a political standpoint, “it’s hard to find investors willing to put money into a business that’s losing money.” The article is here: