Reminder!  Form I-924A is a required annual filing to certify and demonstrate a regional center’s continued eligibility for its regional center designation.  For fiscal year 2017, all regional centers must file a Form I-924A with USCIS by December 29, 2017 to report EB-5 activities conducted from October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017. Form I-924A and corresponding instructions are available at:

Please note Form I-924A has been updated since last year. The current edition is dated 12/23/16 and is longer and requires more information than the previous version. There is also now a filing fee of $3,035 for each Form I-924A filing.

From its recent webinar on Form I-924A, it is clear that USCIS is implementing more rigorous I-924A standards and that regional centers will be held primarily responsible for oversight and administration of associated EB-5 projects. USCIS stressed the importance of consistency throughout Form I-924A as well as consistency with external information that has been previously submitted to USCIS and information that USCIS is able to access. Preparing Form I-924A with comprehensive data in accordance with current USCIS standards, consistent with prior filings (or with explanations of any inconsistencies), is critical in maintaining designation and safeguarding projects and investors associated with the regional center.

If you would like our assistance in completing or reviewing your fiscal year 2017 Form I-924A, please contact