Eight swimmers and one boater from Miller Mayer will be participating in the 13th Annual Women Swimmin’ for Hospicare fundraiser. On the morning of August 13th, about 220 women will swim across Cayuga Lake to raise money for the agency’s end-of-life care services. This year’s Miller Mayer team consists of: Kim Rothman, Alexis Beebe, Sarah Brainard, Brooke Ireland, Kristal Ozmun, Emily Rockett, Mary O’Connell and Stacey Sieverding.

The event aims to raise $380,000.00 this year, after raising an astonishing $397,889.00 in 2015.  This event boasts itself as a community swim – not a race, but rather a gathering of supporters celebrating life and compassionate care through the symbolic accomplishment of crossing the lake. Learn more about the event here.

Miller Mayer has a long history of providing pro bono legal work, volunteer board service and charitable giving. We are committed to supporting the local community and grateful to do so once again for Hospicare & Palliative Care Services.