Miller Mayer immigration attorney Steve Yale-Loehr was quoted by Univision in “Supreme Court Ruling Leaves Immigrants with Errors in Their Paperwork on the Brink of Deportation.” Steve said that the Supreme Court’s decision “means that thousands of immigrants each year will no longer be able to go to federal court to correct factual errors by immigration judges. Given how much is at stake in deportation proceedings, Congress should provide funding for attorneys to represent immigrants in all deportation proceedings in the same way that attorneys are automatically provided to everyone charged with a crime.” Read the article here (Spanish, with English translation available).

Steve was quoted by Law360 in “High Court Raises Stakes of Immigration Court Decisions.” He said that noncitizens without legal representation are more likely to be affected by the Supreme Court’s ruling because they don’t have the help of legal professionals trained to watch out for potential errors by immigration adjudicators. He said legal aid programs can help address the disadvantages facing noncitizens who lack access to counsel, and encouraged immigration advocates to push for federal, state, and local governments to fund such programs. “We need to make sure that every immigrant has good representation in immigration court. Given the many errors the immigration bureaucracy makes, many people will be denied their day in court because of this decision,” he said. Read the article here (registration required).