The Department of State’s Visa Bulletin for February 2022 notes that high demand in the employment fourth preference category may necessitate the establishment of a worldwide final action date in the coming months to hold number use within the maximum allowed under the fiscal year 2022 annual limit. DOS said the situation will be continually monitored and any necessary adjustments will be made. 

The bulletin notes that for El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, the rate of demand increased primarily for adjustment of status cases “and will require corrective action as early as March to hold number use within allowable limits. Also, for Mexico, the bulletin says that “corrective action may be necessary in the coming months.”

The bulletin also notes the upcoming expiration of the employment fourth preference Certain Religious Workers (SR) category as of February 18, 2022: “No SR visas may be issued overseas, or final action taken on adjustment of status cases,” after February 17, 2022, and “all individuals seeking admission as a non-minister special immigrant must be admitted (repeat, admitted) into the U.S.” by February 17, 2022.

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