Miller Mayer immigration attorney Steve Yale-Loehr was quoted by Univision in “Rejection of ‘Plan C’ Complicates Immigration Reform in Congress: What Path Could Democrats Take Now?” Mr. Yale-Loehr noted that the budget bill passed by the House of Representatives included important immigration provisions, “including up to 10 years of work authorization and protection against deportation for undocumented people living in the United States.” He said the bill would also give the Department of Homeland Security “$2.8 billion to help process immigration applications and reduce backlogs in case processing…and would recover employment- and family-based green cards that have not been used and that otherwise would expire at the end of each year.” Read the article here (in Spanish, with English translation available). 

Steve was quoted by Voice of America (Russia) in “Migrants at the Border: You Can’t Stay Running.” He said, “The measures taken by the Biden administration have been blocked by federal courts, so in the short term it needs to comply with the decisions. The White House may try to come up with a different approach, but I’m sure that any of them will be challenged again in federal courts by Texas and other conservative states. The administration is between a rock and a hard place, trying to be more humane. Texas and other conservative states will not allow anything but the ‘Stay in Mexico’ policy. This is a crisis that has long been growing; it cannot be solved overnight. It is necessary to improve the economy and living conditions in Central America so that people do not suffer from the terrible poverty that forces them to leave. Something needs to be done about gangs in Central America. We must try to eradicate corruption so that people feel safer. And we need to fight climate change so that farmers in Central America can grow crops and feed their families. Migration is an issue for every country in the world. To some extent, the United States has been isolated from it for a long time. Now we face the same problems that other countries have faced for decades.” Read the article here (in Russian, with English translation available).