Miller Mayer immigration attorney Steve Yale-Loehr was quoted by Marketplace in “Will Employers Need Newly Available Seasonal Visas?.” Mr. Yale-Loehr said the additional H-2B visas could help the labor shortage a little. ” ‘A little bit’ is the operative word. An additional 20,000 visas is not a lot, in the greater scheme of things.” 

Steve was quoted by Politico Magazine in “Biden’s H-1B Conundrum: The Administration’s Efforts to Reform the Visa Program Could Put Him at Loggerheads With Key Factions of His Own Party.” Mr. Yale-Loehr said the Biden administration has been trying to navigate a “political conundrum for the administration.” 

Steve was quoted by Die Zeit in “USA: Texas Begins Building Its Own Wall” (in German with English translation available). Mr. Yale-Loehr said, “Although states can do certain things about immigration under state law, putting up barriers along the border or arresting migrants is, in my opinion, beyond what is permitted.”