Information on Executive Orders:

  1. The White House official site Executive Orders page:

This page on is continually updated as the President signs executive orders into action. The official order announcing the Executive Order can be accessed here.

  1. The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Official Website:

The CBP website has a page dedicated to the January 27 Executive Order. The page contains statistics of actions taken under the order and a long list of FAQ and answers.

  1. CBP INFO Center

Here you can access links to DHS fact sheets and press releases concerning the Executive Order. Travelers can also e-mail questions that they cannot find an answer to using the “E-mail us your Question” link, to which a Public Information Officer will reply.

Challenges to Executive Orders:

  1. American Immigration Council Practice Advisory

The American Immigration Council’s practice advisory, Challenging President Trump’s Ban on Entry, provides information about how the Executive Order is being implemented, offers resources and practice tips for attorneys whose clients are affected by it, and outlines legal challenges that have been filed to date.

  1. University of Michigan Law School: Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse

This collection features a list of current civil rights lawsuits that have been filed since the Executive Order was released. The case details and documents are slowly becoming available on the Clearinghouse, however there is a spreadsheet accessible that lists all 50+ cases.

  1. AILA Removal Defense Resources Roadmap

This page (accessible with AILA login) has free resources on removal, both at the 101 level and more advanced information.

  1. AILA Featured Issue: Immigration 2017 – A New President and Congress

This resource page is designed to help AILA members and the public understand the current immigration issues at hand and advocate for a fair and equal system. It contains practical assistance, official announcements, litigation documents and more.

  1. Immigration Advocates Network (accessible with login)
  1. Just Security’s analysis of litigation challenges to the travel ban

This blog post from Just Security (site dedicated to analyzing US security provisions) overviews the array of grounds plaintiffs have asserted against President Trump’s travel ban. It also contains a video of the oral argument, and is updated as events unfold.