From our clients...

"MillerMayer Law Firm is very professional on EB-5 Immigration business. Their application for EB-5 Immigration is of high success rate, and they provide us with fast,high-quality service as well as a resonable charge. My family and I are very appreciated what they have done, especially Ms Hilary who is very professional, kind and patient, to help us get the immigration visa successfully. "

-Sun Yu

"Two yeas ago, my family began to think about immigrate to USA and at that time we had chace to consult with Miller Mayer. Through our communication, Miller Mayer offered the professional knowledge and wiped off our concern.  During the process of our EB-5 application, the US Immgrate center issued us the temporaily  P.R visa but mistakely put the wrong date of birth of my daughter. Luckily,the EB-5 team of Miller Mayer noticed the mistake and with their assisatnce, finally the US Immgration Center did the correction. There is an old Chinese saying that details are the key factors of achieving sucess. So far our family is satified with Miller Mayer's service. Based on the efficent commuincation, we believe it is a wise choice to coproate with Miller Mayer."


"All my experiences working with Miller Mayer were happy and enjoyable. They definitely are my first choice lawyer for my family."

- Lily Li

"I've had a great experience with the whole Miller Mayer team. As a first-time entrepreneur running a seed-funded tech startup I've appreciated their ability to be patient and explain basics while also moving at the speed that startups like to work and keeping costs down. Their work was impeccable and our H-1B petition successful. Of all the vendors I work with, my experience with Miller Mayer has been the most satisfactory, and I recommend them to people all the time!"

- Tim Novikoff

"I definitely feel it is the right decision to chose Miller Mayer and their team to be my EB-5 attorneys. I can always expect professional advice from them all, and the whole team's efficiency impressed me a lot.  I can also tell that each member in the Miller Mayer team is committed to taking care of my case, so I never worry about a communication breakdown."

- Joyce Li and Tony Hoyy

"When Miller Mayer was first introduced to me by the regional center of my EB-5 case, I had very little knowledge about MM. Now 20 months later, I am very pleased to say, MM is professional, detailed-oriented, and trustworthy."

- Johnnie Chin

"A long time client, we have utilized Miller Mayer for all of our immigration matters. Several years ago, when we transferred an entire team from the Middle East to our New York office, the Miller Mayer team handled the entire process both professionally and seamlessly. We continue to seek out their advice on a regular basis for all of our immigration work as they are knowledgeable and know how to make people comfortable with the entire immigration process. "

- Karen Van Nouhuys, Invest Corp

"The Department of Medicine has worked with Miller Mayer many times over the past several years.  We have never been disappointed with their service.  Their offices respond quickly to my inquiries and explain and walk us through the processes in a way that a "normal person" can understand.  No matter how many questions I ask or even repeat, they respond in a friendly, polite and professional manner."

- Deborah Tuttle, SUNY Upstate Medical University

"My association with Miller Mayer began over 25 years ago when we engaged their services to help with securing H1B visas and green cards for our international faculty members.  We have been 100% successful.  It was my lucky day when Miller Mayer was recommended to me and I had the good sense to make that connection!"

- Margaret Handwerker, Rhodes College

"It should be a concern when you entrust your vital legal matters to a firm so far away.  However, though we are many states apart, their warmth and responsiveness makes it feel as though they are right across the street. Aside from exceptional customer service, they possess extensive knowledge in the field of immigration law with 65 years of combined experience within their firm."

- Angie Abraham, Mercy Clinic

“We have worked with Miller Mayer for many years and continue to be impressed with their abilities.  Their counsel is sage, and they are always affable and available.  They stay current with changes to immigration regulations and practices, and they have a record of consistent successes with immigration applications.”

- Mark Webster, President and CEO of Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center