THE FIRST FEW WEEKS OF THE TRUMP PRESIDENCY have produced an extraordinary number of changes and proposals to change our nation’s immigration laws.

President Trump issued several Executive Orders (“EO”) related to immigration in his first weeks in office. One EO, known as the "travel ban," suspended the United States’ refugee program and banned the entry of individuals from seven listed countries for a 90-day period.  The travel ban EO and the litigation enjoining it is described here. Other EO’s address interior and border enforcement, enhanced security systems, state-federal information sharing and cost reductions for immigration programs. Draft EO's relating to employment-based immigration, H-1B visas, the DACA program and immigrants use of public benefits were also leaked. In addition, several immigration reform bills have been introduced in Congress. Check this page for updates and guidance on these 2017 Immigration Change proposals.

Miller Mayer will continue to post updates on new immigration policies

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